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Tersus Asian Renewables (TAR)

Shareholders were sent a Circular dated 26 August 2008 that set out the rationale for the cancellation of the admission of the ordinary shares to trading on AIM. On 18 September 2008, shareholders approved the cancellation of the admission of the ordinary shares to trading on AIM. The cancellation became effective from 7.00am on 26 September 2008.

To allow shareholders to acquire or dispose of ordinary shares, the Company has arranged a matched bargain settlement facility, which is being provided by Hedley & Company Stockbrokers. A summary of these arrangements is given in the announcement issued on 18 September 2008. Current contact details for Hedley & Company Stockbrokers are shown below: those in the announcement no longer apply. [Link to announcement].

There is no obligation on shareholders to use the matched bargain settlement facility referred to above. Shareholders can effect further transactions in the Ordinary Shares off market at a price to be agreed between relevant parties. After the transaction has been agreed the transferor should complete a stock transfer form. Interested parties can download a blank stock transfer form from the attached link. [Stock transfer form]

Where the consideration for the transfer (i.e. the payment for the Ordinary Shares) does not exceed £1,000, no stamp duty is payable. The transferor should complete the form (including the exemption certificate) and return the completed form to the Company at 44 Kensington Park Gardens, London W11 2QT.

Where the consideration exceeds £1,000, stamp duty (currently 0.5% of the consideration) is payable. You should telephone the Stamp Taxes Helpline on 0300 200 3510 who will advise you of the amount of duty payable. A cheque or postal order made payable to “HMRC”, should be sent with the completed transfer form to Birmingham Stamp Office, 9th Floor, City Centre House, 30 Union Street, Birmingham B2 4AR. The form will be returned to you after stamping. The stamped stock transfer form should then be sent to the Company.

To register an interest in buying/selling shares of Tersus Energy Limited, contact:

Hedley & Company Stockbrokers Limited

19 Trident Park,
Lancashire, BB1 3NU.

T: +(44) (0)1254 699333
F: +(44) (0)1254 692847



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