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14 June 2006
Tersus Energy Plc
(“Tersus” or “the Company”)

Trading Update

At the AGM held at 2 p.m. this afternoon the Chairman made the following statement:

I am pleased to report continued progress in each of our businesses.

Tersus Asian Renewables – Chinese and Indian economic growth continues to create energy opportunities

  • HT Blade, in which we invested $2m in February via Tang Wind Energy, continues to increase its production and its order book and expects to achieve significantly increased profits in 2006 compared to 2005; TWE, currently a Texas Limited Partnership, is transferring its investment in HT Blade into a Cayman Island company to facilitate further pre IPO investment and HT Blade is making effective progress in restructuring so as to facilitate an IPO in due course. Tersus is investigating and negotiating the possibility of making a further investment in HT Blade.

  • Our 50% interest in Jasfour Power Private Limited, the vehicle for our development interests in India, has been formalised and we have agreed a 45% interest in the first Indian wind project, 75MW in Tamil Nadu with a capital value of approximately $100m, where negotiations for financing and offtake are at an advanced stage. We expect to invest in the equity of this project.

  • The Philippines wind project, 160MW in Ilocos Norte, in which we have a 25.5% interest, continues to make progress and updated wind data is currently being obtained to support financing discussions which are in progress.

Tersus Bio Energy – Opportunities abound for investment in bioenergies production

  • Following our recent £750,000 investment in Enviro-Control Ltd, the intellectual property holder in relation to Enviro-Control's patented animal waste-to-energy technology, its subsidiaries, in each of which Tersus has a 50% direct interest, have now been established for project development and for marketing the fertiliser by product. Work has commenced on financing the first projects in Europe and the US in which Tersus expects to co-invest. The current project development pipeline comprises more than 15 projects representing more than $300m in capital value.

  • Tersus and Dynamotive continue to work together on 14 North American projects. In addition, Tersus is currently screening a number of projects which it originated.

  • Tersus continues to evaluate not only Dynamotive and Enviro-Control projects, in association with its joint venture partners, but also stand-alone biofuel opportunities. Tersus expects a number of investment opportunities to flow from this work.

  • Tersus has realised US$237,000 for the Dynamotive warrants it received in 2004 for advisory work undertaken at that time. No book value had been attributed to these warrants for accounting purposes. Tersus has also converted and sold part of its Dynamotive convertible loan realising a profit of $86,000. Subject to market conditions, Tersus expects to realise the remainder of its $500,000 investment in Dynamotive during 2006. At the current market price, this would result in a further profit of $1.6m.

Tersus Energy Controls – Focus on energy saving and management in North America

  • Navitas is now trading profitably at budgeted levels after a quality control issue, now resolved, hit the first quarter’s result. Management remain confident of achieving budgeted profit for the year which budget represents a substantial increase on the 2005 profit.

  • Tersus is pleased to announce new appointments as Navitas CEO and Director of Engineering respectively. Mike Oreskovic has been hired as the CEO of Navitas. Mike most recently served as the President and Managing Director of Saft Power Systems’ Canadian operations (Saft Power Systems is a European based manufacturer of back-up power systems, uninterruptible power systems, telecom power plants and battery chargers for electric vehicle applications). He brings 20 years of managerial, sales and technical experience to this position. Andrew Herrington has been appointed Director of Engineering. Andrew has 37 years of electronic product development experience with ASIC Design, DSP-embedded application software, wireless technologies, mechanical design, and new methodologies for the ASIC, telecom, automation, wireless, and personal computer markets.

  • Tersus has committed to invest a further $500,000 in Navitas to develop new products in the electric or hybrid vehicles electric control markets. Mike and Andrew have been recruited to execute this growth strategy.

  • Following Tersus’ recent $2.1m acquisition of Envinta inc, which sells energy management software and systems, this company has recently secured a $500,000 contract deliverable over the next two years. Management expect further sales growth from a restructured and enlarged sales team and expect significant profit growth.

  • Following its $100,000 initial investment in Thor Power Corporation, Tersus has agreed a joint venture with Thor under which Tersus will use Thor technologies to pursue growth in the electric and hybrid motor vehicle markets. When this agreement is formalised, which is expected to be in the next few weeks, Tersus will invest a further $150,000 in Thor. Upon the completion of this round, Tersus will have invested $250,000 out of the $400,000 option to invest it negotiated earlier this year. In total this $400,000 investment would give Tersus 21% of Thor.

  • Tersus Energy Control’s management continue to explore and evaluate opportunities for growing the business organically or by acquisition in what remains a very large but fragmented market.

Other activities

  • Tersus’ relationship with Proteus, which plans to acquire and redevelop marginal oil fields and exploit them with proven non-conventional technology, originated in advisory work provided in 2004. This relationship has provided the opportunity to invest $200,000 by way of convertible loans, to earn and reinvest $300,000 of fees which will arise on Proteus’ successful completion of its current financing programme, which is in excess of £20 million, and has enabled Tersus to negotiate options which would cost up to a further $830,000. Taken together these investments and advisory work would give Tersus a 7.4% holding in Proteus. Dubai Islamic Bank is in the process of seeking $22m of investment into Proteus which will enable it to commence full scale operations in oil field recovery.

  • Tersus is in the process of establishing a new subsidiary, (Tersus Energy Capital Ltd) which will be an FSA regulated business earnings fees through raising finance for the projects to which Tersus has access including those through its JV relationships in China, India, South Korea and with Dynamotive and Enviro-Control.


  • Tersus is looking forward to the remainder of 2006 with enthusiasm and confidence. The markets continue to provide opportunities and we are well placed to capitalise upon them. Given the continuing concerns over securing environmentally friendly sources of energy and improving the efficiency of our energy usage, we believe the renewable sector has never been more relevant. We are confident that Tersus has the skills and experience to create real value for our investors as these fundamentals underpin the growth of the renewable market.


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