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Press Releases: Tersus Energy Plc to Acquire Energy Management Software Business
Tersus Energy Plc
3 May 2006

Tersus Energy PLC to Acquire Energy Management Software Business

Tersus Energy PLC, the AiM-listed clean energy company, ('the Company' or Tersus Energy') announced today it has entered into an agreement to acquire Envinta, Inc., ('Envinta'), the US-based subsidiary of Energetics Pty. Ltd. of Australia.

Envinta develops, sells and implements information systems and solutions supporting energy efficiency, demand response, and energy, environment and water management to large commercial, industrial, institutional, utility and government clients throughout North America and Europe.

These systems and solutions can be used by large organizations to adopt and implement strategic, enterprise-wide energy and greenhouse gas management programs.

Through its ENTERPRIZE.EM(TM) system, EnVINTA is managing over US$2 billion of clients’ energy spending.

The acquisition price is US$2.1 million, which will be satisfied as to US$1.5 million in cash payable from existing resources and $US0.6 million to be satisfied via the issue of 785,079 ordinary shares of Tersus Energy at £0.44 per share. The shares are subject to a 6 month lock-up period followed by a 6 month orderly market agreement.

Envinta reported audited profits before tax for the year ended March 2005 of US$368k and net assets of $344k. The acquisition is expected to be earnings enhancing to Tersus Energy for the 2006 financial period.

The Board considers Envinta an excellent opportunity.

It believes demand for energy efficiency and energy and environment information management tools will grow significantly as energy prices continue to rise and as organisations increase greenhouse gas and carbon management focus.

The Board is confident that Envinta’s solid customer base, combined with its proven and proprietary offerings will enable it to continue to grow profitably.

Tersus Energy will provide additional value by using its skills and experience to assist Envinta with gaining new market opportunities in North America and in Europe, improving its business operations, developing new products and services, and successfully pursuing growth strategies.

Steven Levine, Chief Executive Officer, stated:

'The acquisition of Envinta is consistent with the strategy of Tersus Energy Controls, one of our three businesses, of investing into proven energy technology companies with earnings and strong growth potential. We are delighted to complete the acquisition having explained the Envinta opportunity to the market in December, when we raised further funds.

The Envinta acquisition provides Tersus Energy Controls with a platform from which to expand into the areas of energy efficiency, energy information management, and environmental resource management. The acquisition also means Tersus Energy Controls has now secured its platform investments in both stationary energy management (Envinta) and mobile energy controls (Navitas) in accordance with our stated strategy.’

The company continues to make progress in relation to its investment and operating program. An announcement, including results for the year to December 2005, is expected shortly.

Application has today been made for the 785,079 ordinary shares of £0.44p each to be admitted to trading on AIM, such admission expected 8th May 2006.


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Notes to Editors

About Tersus Energy Plc (www.tersusenergy.com)

Tersus Energy, which floated on AIM in February 2005, is building three operating businesses focused upon what it believes are the most attractive and significant areas of the renewable and alternative energy sector: Tersus Asian Renewables, Tersus BioEnergy and Tersus Energy Controls:

  • Tersus Asian Renewables (TAR). Formed to exploit the demand for renewable energy in Asia, TAR is focusing on wind, biomass and clean coal, principally in China and India. It is acquiring interests in businesses well placed to benefit from growth in Asian renewable generation and developing, investing into and operating a portfolio of renewable energy assets with chosen joint venture partners.
  • Tersus BioEnergy (TBE). Formed to exploit the accelerating demand for alternative fuel based supplies of energy, TBE is focusing on biofuels (bioethanol and biodiesel) and electricity produced from forest, agricultural, municipal and industrial waste. It is developing, investing into and operating a portfolio of bioenergy assets with chosen joint venture partners.
  • Tersus Energy Controls (TEC). Formed to exploit the opportunity presented by the increasing focus on energy efficiency and management of electricity consumption, TEC is focused upon efficiency applications for mobile (eg. hybrid and electric vehicles, automatic guided vehicles, fork lift trucks) and stationary (eg. building controls, energy management information) end users. TEC intends to develop these opportunities through continuing organic growth and acquisition.

Tersus Energy also maintains a strategic and financial advisory service business, primarily targeting established and emerging energy companies based principally in Europe and North America.

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