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24th April 2006
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Tersus Energy Plc (“Tersus”) advises AWS Ocean Energy Ltd (“AWS”) on its equity financing

Tersus is pleased to announce that it has advised AWS Ocean Energy Ltd, a privately-owned Scottish company that has developed a revolutionary wave power generating system, in raising £2 million in equity funding from leading investment group RAB Capital. Tersus has received a fee comprising cash, equity and options.

AWS will use the new funding to assist with further development work ahead of full-scale commercial demonstration starting in 2008. The development work will build on the success of last year’s testing off the coast of Portugal.

The Archimedes Wave Swing (AWS) generator is the world’s most powerful and efficient wave power generator, and has already completed successful trials putting electricity into the Portuguese national grid. The AWS system is moored to the seabed, invisible from the surface, and generates electricity when passing waves move an air-filled upper casing against a lower fixed cylinder.

The AWS was originally invented in the Netherlands and is fully protected by international patents. AWS Ocean Energy was formed in 2004 as a British company to develop and apply the technology in both the UK and overseas markets.

Simon Grey, Managing Director of AWS Ocean Energy, said: “This early backing from one of London’s leading investment management companies demonstrates that robust and efficient wave power technology has an exciting contribution to make to the supply of renewable, secure energy.”

Jeremy Smith, a Vice-President at Tersus Energy, commented: “We are very impressed by the commercial potential of AWS Ocean Energy’s unique technology, and believe it can become a winner in the global market for generating electricity from wave energy.”

Steve Levine, Tersus’ Chief Executive, said: “We are delighted to have completed this advisory assignment for a leading technology in the emerging wave power sector at a time when the need for new, cleaner energy sources is so pressing. The transaction is further evidence of the robustness of our business model – performing select advisory services for market leading clients while building our three core operating businesses: Tersus Asian Renewables, Tersus BioEnergy and Tersus Energy Controls.”

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Notes to Editors

About Tersus Energy Plc (www.tersusenergy.com)
Tersus Energy, which floated on AIM in February 2005, is building three operating businesses focused upon what it believes are the most attractive and significant areas of the renewable and alternative energy sector: Tersus Asian Renewables, Tersus BioEnergy and Tersus Energy Controls:

  • Tersus Asian Renewables (TAR). Formed to exploit the demand for renewable energy in Asia, TAR is focusing on wind, biomass and clean coal, principally in China and India. It is acquiring interests in businesses well placed to benefit from growth in Asian renewable generation and developing, investing into and operating a portfolio of renewable energy assets with chosen joint venture partners.
  • Tersus BioEnergy (TBE). Formed to exploit the accelerating demand for alternative fuel based supplies of energy, TBE is focusing on biofuels (bioethanol and biodiesel) and electricity produced from forest, agricultural, municipal and industrial waste. It is developing, investing into and operating a portfolio of bioenergy assets with chosen joint venture partners.
  • Tersus Energy Controls (TEC). Formed to exploit the opportunity presented by the increasing focus on energy efficiency and management of electricity consumption, TEC is focused upon efficiency applications for mobile (eg. hybrid and electric vehicles, automatic guided vehicles, fork lift trucks) and stationary (eg. building controls, energy management information) end users. TEC intends to develop these opportunities through continuing organic growth and acquisition.

Tersus Energy also maintains a strategic and financial advisory service business, primarily targeting established and emerging energy companies based principally in Europe and North America.

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